While we have temporarily suspended service in our dining rooms during the Covid‑19 crisis, we remain committed to serving you with the comfort of a good meal.

We’re now offering both drive-up curbside pickup, whether you’re ordering just for yourself or the whole family.

Drive-Up Curbside Pickup

20% off your order

through March 31st

Or call (323) 664-0228 to place your order.


Call (323) 664-0228 when you arrive and we’ll run the order out to your car

white-gloved hand holding up a silver tray with a Tam to-go bag

Featured Menu Items
for Drive-Up Curbside Pickup

Salt being sprinkled on a grilled cut of meat.

Pub & Patio Faer

Take home a variety of sandwiches, including our famous Tam burger, crispy chicken sandwich, and daily specials.

Plate of 1/2 dozen oysters.

Meat, Fish, Fowl

Plates like prime corned beef and roast half Jidori chicken to complete prime rib family meals and corned beef.

Classic Comforts

Classic fish and chips, salads, and sides like baked brie, Scotch rarebit, and mac & cheese. Even beverages and wine!

Or call (323) 664-0228 to place your order.

Pull up curbside, call when you arrive, and we’ll run the order out to your car.

2980 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles 90039
Call (323) 664-0228

Bring our tradition of good cheer, warm hospitality and exceptional food to your home or office. We’re proud to be in our 10th decade of continuous service. We originally considered it a quiet pastoral road stop, since Los Feliz Boulevard was just an unpaved country lane traversed by rabbits and rabbit hunters, in that order.

That’s when Walt Disney and his animators, set designers and crews would trek out between takes for a bite and a refreshment. So often in fact, the Tam was once dubbed “the studio commissary.” Join us and see why the Tam is said to have been Walt’s favorite restaurant.

“I love this place!
Amazing food!
I’m a Brit and it feels truly home from home.”

—Donna, Yelp

As a family-run establishment, we’re committed to keeping our community safe. We always practice strong hygiene protocols and rigorously adhere to all CDC food safety standards.

So until we’re able to welcome you back in our dining rooms, let us bring a little comfort to you.

“Guid Health!”

—Mr. McTavish

Hours of Operation:

Drive-Up Curbside Pickup