This year we proudly celebrate our 75th anniversary and invite you to join in the fun as we mark the occasion with a number of special happenings.

Firstly, we asked our guests to share stories of their favorite Lawry’s moments for a chance to win tons of great prizes.

As our anniversary year unfolds, we’ll also be rolling out some stupendous celebrations in true Lawry’s fashion. Check back often for the latest, greatest news.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

In honor of our 75th Anniversary, Lawry's The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills is introducing our first new entrée in over two decades!

The Technique: We slow cook our classic standing rib roast over a bed of rock salt. Then, we portion each cut precisely using a custom-built band saw. Next, each portion is seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices. Finally, every Ribeye is grilled to order and served with our famous Spinning Bowl Salad, Scallop Potatoes, and Crispy Fried Onions.

The Results: Expertly grilled Prime Rib with the unique seared, caramelized texture and savory flavor that only comes from charbroiling.

Be the first to taste The Lawry's Ribeye starting August 6!


Congratulations to Lawry's Story winner, Benny Godinez! Benny and his family won a Dinner for 8 at our Beverly Hills location. 

Check out his story here:
My first experience dining at Lawry's was back in 1971. I was eight years old. The year prior, my father, mother, brother, and I were cruising through Beverly Hills, unheard of back then especially in a low-rider, a 1954 Chevrolet four door lowered with craigers and pipes. My family and I saw Cadillacs with woman wearing fur coats and men dressed in suits. My mom looked and said to my father, "Wow, you'd have to be rich to eat there." My father replied, “Would you like to go there one day"? Mom replied, "We could never afford it.” Well, one year later, my father purchased us some clothes for that night, and mind you, a tie was a must! We pulled in with our low-rider, the parking attendants smiled, opened our doors, and took off, sounding the pipes on the ‘54. We walked in, checked our coats, and were in awe. My father told us to order whatever we wanted, mom looked as if we were going to have to wash dishes or run out. We ate the prime rib dinner and were in heaven. Well, the check came and Pops laughed out loud. Mom was scared and said, "What, you can't afford it?” Pops showed the bill and it was for a hundred and something. My father laughed and replied, "I saved for one year, fifteen hundred dollars for tonight." Ever since, we dine at Lawry’s at least once a year. I always say, "There’s prime rib and then there's Lawry’s." 

Featured Stories:

Michael Sondheimer writes:
Our son has Autism and is a very picky eater. He was way undersized and underweight his first 10 years. For his 11th birthday my wife and I took him to Lawry's since he liked beef if he was going to eat something, so we thought we would try it and hope he would and he could put on weight. Jeffrey loved the spinning salad bowl and eat the entire Lawry's Cut. He is now 19 and has grown to over 5 feet and his weight is normal for someone his size. The autism is still apparent, but if we ask him where he wants to go to eat, his first answer is always Lawry's and he loves the Rose Bowl cut so he can take some home and have for leftovers the next day.

Ascencia So-Cuerdo writes:
As a young Filipino immigrant trying to make it in the US and with only $500 of pocket money to last me until I get my first job, being treated to dinner at Lawry's by my rich brother in law showed me the possibilities of what I would like in my future. Thirty years later, going to Lawry's with my family has meant realizing that possibility and enjoying the fruits of hard work and tenacity. Lawry's has always meant to me the best of what life can offer. 

Brenda Gribbin writes:
My husband and I were friends for several years before we started dating. When we decided to take our relationship more seriously, he wanted to mark the occasion with a special night out. He put on a suit, I bought a new dress, and we had our first "date" at Lawry's on November 9, 1991. We have been back several times, including the 10th and 20th anniversaries of that first date! Last summer, when our future son-in-law planned his marriage proposal to our daughter, he knew the evening would start with dinner at Lawry's, where his parents had celebrated a significant wedding anniversary a few years ago. Now both families associate Lawry's with new beginnings and lovely celebrations of our blessed relationships...and the newest bride and groom will be married in June!



When Lawry’s The Prime Rib opened in Beverly Hills in 1938, no one had ever seen anything like it: a restaurant featuring a single entrée – perfectly roasted prime rib – carved tableside and served from magnificent Art Deco-style carts.

Since then, Lawry’s has gone on to make its mark on the fine dining scene like few other establishments around. Starting April 1st and continuing for 75 days through June 15th
(our birthday), we’ll be sharing 75 facts about our history, one each day. Check here daily for the latest installment or better yet, follow us on Facebook for all the live action.